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5 Ways Swim Lessons Help Children in School

It’s no secret that 2020 has been unpredictable, to say the least. But as we all get our bearings on a “new school norm,” you may be searching for activities to support your family’s online, modified or in-person learning. But what activity can safely check the myriad of physical, social, mental and emotional boxes that children need while still fitting into a chaotic post-COVID schedule?  

You guessed it. Swim lessons.  

The benefits of swimming go FAR BEYOND the pool’s edge. Here are just five of the reasons why swim lessons keep brains boosted and bodies busy: 


Every facet of education is geared to teach children to set goals and reach them. Whether addition or subtraction, spelling or phonics, achieving newfound knowledge is the cornerstone of learning. It’s the same with swim lessons! Tots who have already been a part of our program can reach their established swimming goals by becoming safe and confident swimmers, and that is achieved by completing the Aqua-Tots Swim Journey through Level 6. New to Aqua-Tots? That’s great! Let us show you exactly where your child will begin on their swim journey


We all know that children have months of pent-up energy to get out, and you may need to get creative this year for physical education classes. As the weather turn cooler and options become limited in some areas, it’s time to get those bodies moving. Swimming increases heart rate, tones muscles, builds strength and endurance, and conditions the heart and lungs. It’s a full-body workout in the comfort of an indoor swim school. The 90° water is a big bonus!


Have your kiddos missed time with friends? The pandemic has created an entire planet of people yearning for interaction with others. Consistent, small group swim lessons are a safe and fun way for children to see their friends on a weekly basis, and you can socialize, too, Mom and Dad. Our viewing area may be socially distanced, but we’ve all become pros at conversing from six feet apart.   


Did you know that according to Griffith University, three- to five-year olds who swim are 11 months ahead in verbal skills? That’s not all! They are also six months ahead in math skills, two months ahead in literacy skills, 17 months ahead in story recall and 20 months ahead in understanding directions. 

Wait! There’s more! Regular exercise, such as swimming, improves memory function and thinking skills, reduces inflammation and insulin resistance in the brain (which fosters new brain cell growth) and increases the brain’s ability to think more efficiently. Swimming is practically a superpower! 


Anyone heard the phrase “I’m bored” lately? 2020 gave our kiddos a run for their money in the imagination department. Swimming is a great way to bust boredom and boost moods, and it is proven to lower stress levels, improve sleep patterns, reduce anxiety and decrease depression. In fact, parents may need to swim, too! 

We can all agree that 2020 threw a curveball that few of us saw coming, but it’s time to redefine 2020 for our families. Isolation can be transformed into socialization. Summer boredom can be rewritten as fall and winter activity. They may remember a pandemic, but we can help them remember progress in the pool. 

How will your family redefine 2020? 

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