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Why Swim Through Level 6?

So, your little one has been in swim lessons, learning important water safety skills such as how to ask permission to enter the water, how to hold their air, how to roll over, find the side and climb out. As they victoriously complete Levels 4 and 5, you may be wondering if they’ve learned enough for their swim lessons to come to an end. The simple answer is not quite yet. 

Why is that? Let us explain. 

At Aqua-Tots, children begin their swim journey at the level that’s right for them, and each level is specifically designed to build one skill upon the next until children become safe and confident swimmers for life. Water safety skills must be developed until they become second nature—your child’s automatic response in the water—and much like a student earning a black belt in Karate, completion of Level 6 is our goal for every swimmer. 

Level 6 is designed to create efficiency while swimming. This vital component allows your child to swim farther and longer and expend less energy while swimming. This better equips them in the pool as well as in open water (rivers, lakes and oceans). Additionally, the skills most needed in an open water setting are exceptional breath control, treading water and the breaststroke, all of which are mastered in Level 6.  

At Aqua-Tots, we look beyond the here and the now. Your child’s entire LIFETIME of safe swimming is our goal, and we know that the skills learned through Level 6 will take them safely into adulthood. So, as you get close to Level 6, keep swimming! Your child will experience the triumph of reaching their swim goals while you sit back and imagine the decades they will use the skills they learned in swim lessons! 

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