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Five Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Ideas For Kids

Roses are red, violets are blue, skip the sugar, we have five non-candy valentine’s gifts for you. This is the time of year when you’re finally regaining a sense of normalcy after the hectic holidays, and little ones may have finally finished their festive stash of sweets; so, let’s stay on track for a balanced new year. Forgo the sweets, candy hearts and chocolate coated treats for more memorable gifts and healthy Valentine’s Day ideas for kids (we promise they’re still fun)! Some include food, some you may already have on hand and others are experiences your little loves will adore. 

1. Healthy Snacks and Treats For Valentine’s Day

Sometimes it’s not about the treat, it’s about how we present it that makes it special. It’s easy to take the ordinary, everyday snack and make it extraordinary. Think of your child’s favorite treat and wrap it up for the holiday. Put a special note on their goldfish bag, cut their fruit into heart shapes or serve foods that are festive in color, such as strawberries, raspberries, cherries, grape tomatoes, etc.

For more healthy Valentine’s Day snack ideas check out our Best Swim Snacks For Young Swimmers

2. Family Date Night on Valentine’s Day

Reservations are hard to come by on Valentine’s Day, so spend the night in with those you love. After all, February 14th is dedicated to love, and who better to spend the night with than the whole fam. You can save on a sitter, and avoid those over-crowded restaurants. 

Here are some ways you can make your family date night more memorable and Valentine’s Day-worthy: 

  • Set a special tablescape: Use a tablecloth, napkins, etc. You can use paper or your special occasion linens, whatever you choose just decorate the table for the night. The kids would love to help! 
  • Encourage the family to dress up: Step out of those yoga pants, have the kids put on their Sunday best, or wear their favorite dress-up. Pick outfits you would wear out or something different from everyday.
  • Serve the meal on your fancy china: Use that special serving tray and those dishes on display. We all remember the “special occasion dishes” from when we were younger. Now is the time to use them, whether it’s just the glasses or maybe eating in the dining room, the little things make it special.
  • Choose a family favorite meal: The meal can be simple, easy and should definitely be a family favorite. Grab your favorite take-out or prep your famous one-pot meal, but make it something you know the whole table will enjoy.

3. Gift Swim Lessons to the Little Loves in Your Lives

For the littlest loves in your life, give them the gift of life-saving swim skills. For grandparents, aunts and uncles looking for gift ideas, this is a great gift. For the swimmers already enrolled, parents and the swimmers alike will be thankful to continue the journey toward safe and confident swimming. And for those who are not yet enrolled, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to begin swim lessons—before spring classes fill up!

Spring and summer are only a few months away, so getting the little ones used to water and prepared prior to the warmer swim season is ideal. In fact, we always recommend year-round swim lessons for children. Children need regular repetition to retain their skills and avoid regression. Additionally, water is everywhere. Keep young valentines healthy, happy and swim-safe all year.

4. Experience Gift Ideas For Kids on Valentine’s Day

We’re big proponents of getting out and staying active. That’s why we encourage the benefits of giving experiences to children. According to researchers in the Journal of Psychological Science, experiences can provide more lasting happiness than material things. So what sort of experiences would children love? There are so many, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Zoo or Aquarium Passes: This makes a great gift for the kiddos and the whole family. Learning, animals and fun memories all rolled into one gift. For even more fun, think of all the animal Valentine’s puns you can come up with or Google and wrap with this awesome present. This game is Ollie approved!
  • Play, Movie or Concert Tickets: Is there a family-friendly play in town or at a local theater? Your child’s favorite band or singer? Perhaps movie gift cards? Watching a live performance or seeing a movie on the big screen always ignites the imagination of little minds. Cater to their creativity and encourage out-of-the box thinking with these experiences.
  • Dance Classes, Karate Lessons or Art Classes: Think of the extracurricular activities your child has always wanted to try and gift it to them on Valentine’s Day. 

5. Perfect Dollar Store Trinkets for Valentine’s Day

Forget the candy, you can also find healthy valentine ideas for kids right in the aisle of the dollar store. Consider party favors or small toys that make the kids’ eyes light up! Crafts, bath toys, sunglasses and more can all be fun, silly tokens of love children will treasure. And while you’re at it, grab a few festive gift wrapping pieces to make your tiny valentine’s heart flutter.

So, Lovelies, there you have it. Five fantastic ways to share the Valentine’s love with your kiddos on Valentine’s Day. What is most important on this holiday is showing appreciation to those you care about and making them feel special. Send them hugs and kisses, sign it with x’s and o’s, know that we’re wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day—especially our Aqua-Tots kiddos!

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