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Printable Activities for Making In-Home Memories

Everyone says, “Enjoy these days because they’ll go by quickly.” It’s an endearing sentiment in the typical day-to-day, but when social distancing is the new “norm,” many parents may be stretched to soak in the sentimental season. 

Ollie the Otter is here to save the day with an abundance of activities…a bounty of busyness…a plethora of projects, if you will. Simply put, he’s here to help you pass some time, and create special memories in the process. All you need is a printer and some bored babes. 

My Social Distancing Time Capsule 

There will hopefully never be another situation in our lifetime requiring a global quarantine. But in the meantime, let your kiddos commemorate the captivity with this social distancing time capsule. Fill the pages with their individual experience, creating a booklet that you can all look back on fondly (maybe) in the future. 

Download your printable time capsule here.

Wash Your Hands Coloring Sheet 

Help tots remember all the important steps to scrubbing their tiny fingers with Ollie’s hand washing coloring sheet. Hang their finished work of art by the bathroom sink. 

Download your coloring sheet here. 

We’re Going on a Scavenger Hunt 

Get moving in the great outdoors…and indoors…with these two printable scavenger hunts. Perfect for children of all ages—that’s code for, “let older siblings be in charge of this one.” 

Download your printable Indoor and Outdoor Scavenger Hunts here.  

Ollie Bingo 

Colors, shapes, cutting, pasting, playing—this game has it all. Keep little ones busy with Ollie’s customizable Bingo cards. 

Download your Ollie Bingo here.

What to Do Ollie Comic Strip  

What should Ollie do today? Have your little ones color their favorite in-home activity and/or draw their own. 

Download your Comic Strip here. 

At Aqua-Tots Swim Schools, we know that sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, but even in those times, we are grateful for community and the opportunity to have some fun together, even if that fun is printable. We all look forward to being together again soon and wish your family continued health and safety. 

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