About Our Level 2 Swim Lessons


Goal: Understand safe boundaries around water

What Your Child Will Learn

This Parent & Tot class is designed to help caregivers train their toddlers to explore and enjoy water while establishing safe boundaries. At this age, tots are curious and more inclined to explore, especially near water, which is why it is such an important time to show parents how to equip their toddlers with life-saving skills. In this class, you will:

  • Explore & enjoy water together while establishing safe boundaries
  • Safely submerge your tot
  • Continue to help your toddler learn breath control
  • Release your tot underwater to the instructor
  • Help your little one learn independent kicking
  • Continue to help your tot learn to roll over and back float
  • Help your toddler begin to safely return to the pool’s edge

What Skills Are Required

Toddlers must meet the following requirements to be eligible for Level 2 Minnows:

  • 13 months – 30 months old
  • An adult caregiver (18 years or older) willing to participate in lessons

What You Can Expect

With over 120 Aqua-Tots locations worldwide, it’s easy to find swimming classes for toddlers near you, and it’s important to know what to bring and what to expect before, during and after swim lessons:

  • Swim Bag: Bring a swimming suit, change of clothes and a towel for both toddler and caregiver.
  • Double Diaper: If your toddler is not fully potty-trained, bring a disposable swim diaper to wear under a reusable swim diaper. Both are available to purchase at the school, if needed.
  • Tears to Cheers: Crying in a new environment is completely normal. Water is an adaptive experience, and it takes time to adjust. The more frequently you attend swim lessons, the faster the crying will subside. Learn more about Tears to Cheers.
  • Underwater Expectations: As a pro-submersion school, we want your toddler to know what to do if they ever fall into the water unexpectedly. Learning to swim starts with being comfortable in the water, and that comfort begins with proper breath control. The face must be in the water in order to learn this aspect of swimming correctly. We also know that your toddler will be the safest and have the most fun when they know how to go underwater safely.
  • Instruction: Your swim instructor is thoroughly trained in the proven Aqua-Tots curriculum, and they will lead your family through Level 2 swim lessons to prepare your child for Level 3. So, jump in and join along as your toddler continues their Swim Journey toward safe and confident swimming!
Yellow Arrow Pointing Right LET'S GET SWIMMING

Age Range

13-30 months

Class Size

4 Toddlers with Caregivers
1 Instructor

Class Length

30 Minutes