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Boost Those Brains For Back-To-School

Look around the stores at all the notebooks and backpacks lining the shelves, and you’ll quickly realize that a new school year is in full swing.  Many families will pack away their swimming suits and hang up their goggles, bidding farewell to a summer well spent in all of its swimming glory.

Before you put your swimming gear too far away, however, let’s consider a few of the mental benefits of swimming year-round and how they can impact your little brainiacs in the classroom.

Make Them Positively Happy

Everyone knows that swimming is an excellent workout, and exercise releases endorphins in the brain.  These natural feel-good hormones increase positivity and bring about a sense of well-being and happiness.

Additionally, the health benefits of exercising regularly have long been known to improve math test scores and reading comprehension, and children who have a healthy outlet for their vivacious energy are more likely to sit through classroom instruction with less distraction.

Help Them De-stress and Relax

Children experience stress just like the rest of us, and childhood stress often occurs in situations that require change, such as new teachers, new classrooms, new friends, new study loads, etc.  Swimming for just 30 minutes, three times a week, can lower stress levels, improve mood, lower incidences of depression and anxiety, and improve sleep patterns. The gentle stretching of muscles, the repetition of strokes and deep breathing are all meditative in nature and have been compared to the de-stressing attributes of yoga.

Boost Their Brains

Regular exercise, such as swimming, improves memory function and thinking skills, reduces inflammation and insulin resistance in the brain (which fosters new brain cell growth), improves mood and increases the brain’s ability to think more efficiently.

For more benefits of swimming through the school year, read Back to School, Stay in the Pool!

At Aqua-Tots Swim Schools, we want your child to succeed in every area of life, from the pool to the classroom and everywhere in between.  Enroll your child in year-round swim lessons today and watch them thrive in school!

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