About Our Level 6 Swim Lessons


Goal: Become a safe and confident swimmer

What Your Child Will Learn

The Seals swim class goes beyond the swimming basics and equips children with the proper techniques to swim with ease and efficiency so they can safely enjoy swimming for a lifetime. In this class, your child will:

  • Become a safe and confident swimmer
  • Develop efficiency with speed of arm and leg movements together
  • Swim freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke
  • Tread water independently for up to 30 seconds

What Skills Are Required

Children must meet the following requirements to be eligible for Level 6 Seals:

  • Comfortably swim the freestyle 10-12 feet with face in water that is over the head
  • Float on back independently
  • Kick while on back without assistance
  • Perform the elementary backstroke
  • Go from swimming on stomach to rolling to back and floating to get a breath
  • Independently jump into the pool and comfortably swim 5-10 feet to exit the pool

What You Can Expect

With over 120 Aqua-Tots locations worldwide, it’s easy to find swim instruction near you. Learn what to bring and what to expect before, during and after swim lessons:

  • Swim Bag: Bring your child’s swimming suit, change of clothes, a towel and goggles (optional).
  • Instruction: Sit back and relax in the comfortable parent viewing area as your child continues their Swim Journey. Your swim instructor is thoroughly trained in the proven Aqua-Tots curriculum, and once the lesson is finished, they will give you feedback on your child’s progression toward safe and confident swimming.
Yellow Arrow Pointing Right LET'S GET SWIMMING

Age Range

Based on Ability

Class Size

4 Students
1 Instructor

Class Length

30 Minutes