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How Our Community Came Together While Apart

In a matter of months, the world changed. What started as expectancy and excitement for 2020, quickly shifted to a year of questions and unknowns. Today, after we have spent weeks and months confined to our homes, many of us are reemerging, back to life in a new normal. 

In the future, we will look back on this time and realize that the memories made were unique, creative and priceless.  

When our businesses temporarily closed their doors, we had the potential to lose much more than swim lessons, routines and revenue. We were torn with the loss of community. Our core values have always prioritized relationships, and removing people from the equation of our daily lives, stretched our resolve to connect, communicate and offer care. 

So, our teams united. All over the world, from every culture, Aqua-Tots staff arose to teach water safety skills in their living rooms, to create printable games and lessons that could fill the hours at home, to read bedtime stories to tots and play games over Facebook live. Together, we exercised, learned, grew and maintained the culture of a company that varies from school to school, state to state, country to county. 

The beauty of community wasn’t lost, it simply took new shape, in ways we could never have imagined. And it was more precious than we could ever have dreamed. 

So, as many of our schools reopen their doors and families return to swim lessons, we want you to know that we’re still in this together. We always have been, because together, we are safer, stronger and better. 

Now more than ever, thank you for being a part of our family. It really is about so much more than swim lessons. 

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