Swim lessons are easier than ever with the Aqua-Tots app.

Now you can sit back and relax—or make adjustments on the go—from the convenience of your phone. Use the Aqua-Tots mobile app to:

Schedule Swim Lessons

Need to cancel a class or book a make-up lesson? No need to call! Check out available days and times so you can adjust lessons around your schedule.

Track Your Child’s Progress

Their swim journey is in your hands—literally! Follow along with each skill set and see helpful feedback from your coach as your child works their way to safe and confident swimming.

Check In Automatically

You’ve got your hands full of kiddos and swim gear when you walk through the doors. Come on in and get situated—the app will get your family checked in automatically!

So, what’re you waiting for?

Jump into water safety that’s swimming in simplicity.

Manage Your Aqua-Tots Account

Whether you need to add a child to your account, check your payment history, or update a payment method, it’s hassle-free on the app.

Receive Notifications

Life happens, even at the swim school. Instant notifications make it quick and convenient to learn about unexpected pool closures, holiday schedules, or any last-minute lesson details.


Jump into water safety that’s swimming in simplicity.