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What It Means to Be a Swim Mom

“Regular” moms may be caffeinated, but swim moms are chlorinated! With the sounds, smells, sights and scenes of the pool floating through their minds, every swim parent knows that the well-worn suits, soggy towels and weekly shuffles to the pool are worth it, because ultimately, swim lessons equal a lifetime of water safety.  

These super parents triumph over the busy schedules and extra laundry, knowing that peace of mind comes when energetic kiddos continue their Swim Journey to a lifetime of safe and confident swimming. Aspiring aqua-moms everywhere want to know what it means to be a “professional” swim mom, so, we’re here with the deets!

Six Best Swim Tips for Parents

1. Knowledge About Swim Safety

Swim moms know the facts and are fully educated on the unsettling realities of drowning. Drowning is the number one cause of unintentional, injury-related death among 1-4 year olds and the second leading cause of death for children under 14, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These swim moms (and dads and grandparents and aunts and uncles) jump (and swim!) through hoops to make water safety a tip-top priority because they know that little ones are curious, and water is everywhere all year long. They see bathtubs, buckets, water features, backyard pools, rivers, lakes and oceans and think one thing, “My little one needs to be safe around water for life, and that starts in swim lessons!”

2. Commitment to Swimming Lessons

Swim moms become consistency coaches. They’re the tot toters, chauffeuring kiddos to every swim lesson, swim meet and pool party! Learning to swim is a journey and one that takes time and practice, similar to other life skills such as reading, writing, potty training and learning where to put the dirty socks. These caretakers are also willing to wade in the water and learn alongside their little ones in Parent & Tot classes. Aqua-Tots is committed to keeping tots on track with their swim goals, propelling them from Level 1 all the way to superstar swimming. 

3. Perseverance in the Face of Swimming Setbacks

Closely related to consistency, swim moms and swim dads encourage perseverance in their young champs. Swimming skills, just like any other life lesson, can include setbacks, mishaps and challenging days. These teaching opportunities remind students that any goal worth achieving requires perseverance, and parents are the stewards to show them the power of pushing through. Their little faces beam with accomplishment and joy when they hit their milestones and gain new skills. Bonus: Each swim lesson is rewarded with a lollipop in addition to the fun perks kiddos receive as they progress. 

4. Patience with the Swim Process

Keep calm, you’re a swim mom! Sometimes swim lessons are accompanied by a few tears, and your first response may be to swoop in to the rescue, however, your swim coach is equipped with tried-and-true methods to calm even the most tearful of tots—even if it takes a few lessons. Experienced swim moms know that the calmer they remain, the safer little ones will feel. Tots look to familiar faces for cues on how to react in new situations, and if mom is relaxed (even fake relaxed), young ones will settle in and feel secure much more quickly.

5. Preparation for Swim Lessons

Swim moms are the ultimate snack stashers, schedule trackers and supply packers. Thankfully, swimming requires little equipment, but it is still essential to provide youngsters with everything they need to succeed. Make sure they are fueled with healthy snacks, have swimsuits ready, clean towels, goggles and double swim diapers for those who aren’t yet potty trained. Keep the swim bag in one handy location and re-pack it every time you get home from a lesson—after you get the laundry caught up, of course. This way you’ll be ready to make a splash at your next lesson. Some aqua-moms also keep a pre-packed bag of towels, suits and goggles in the car. Bonus hack: Pack some swim-mom snacks for yourself, a magazine, a coffee and/or earbuds to listen to some good tunes while you catch a little break in the red chairs. 

6. Encouragement for Young Swimmers

As a swim parent, you’re the cheerleader, and you’re there to support, cheer, encourage and root for your little champs (pom poms optional). In addition to swim supplies, your little one welcomes unlimited high-fives, hugs and “way-to-go’s” at every swim lesson. Throughout their Swim Journey, tots deserve praise for all the little swim victories and the big wins, too. Graduating from one level to the next is cause for celebration! Decorate signs, go for ice cream, and blast the proud swim mom moments all over social media.

So, there you have it. The six best tips that represent chlorinated (and, yes, caffeinated) swim moms while they lovingly tote their tots around to oodles of swim lessons. We want all of our amazing swim moms (and dads) to know, you’ve got this! It takes a village, and we’re proud to come alongside you throughout your entire Swim Journey. Let’s create safe and confident swimmers together! Find your local Aqua-Tots location today!

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