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Swimming Past the Tot Years

Children grow quickly as every caregiver knows. It seems like just yesterday they were learning to walk, talk and put on their shoes, and today they are reading, writing and gaining independence. But when swimmers pass the “tot years” and finally reach “big kid status,” where do they swim from there?  

Completion of Level 6 is our goal for every swimmer on the Aqua-Tots Swim Journey. This level provides children with all the skills necessary for a lifetime of water safety. However, our program continues into Advanced Levels 7 and 8, and these are the friendly waters where big kiddos take their swimming skills beyond safety and into proficiency.  

If you have a swimmer who thrives in the water (and who may be part mermaid/merman), advancing through Level 7 will prepare them for the world of competitive swimming in the familiar setting of their neighborhood swim school. Even if competition isn’t on their radar, older children (who are schooling from home perhaps) benefit from the sheer physical activity and full-body exercise in the pool. 

Level 7 is where swim strokes are broken down, swimming drills begin, and the butterfly stroke is introduced. It is where they fine-tune technique and focus on the underwater phases of all the strokes. Fun fact: the sidestroke, which is introduced in Level 7, is one of the primary swim strokes used by Navy SEALs. How’s that for preparing your swimming champ for future superhero status?!  

Envision your superstar swimmer learning the technique, speed and agility needed to become a world champion swimmer! Level 8 is designed for proficiency and builds upon a swimmer’s endurance. Butterfly drills are introduced as well as flip turns and pushing off the wall. We can see the gold medals already!  

In addition to the skills learned in the Advanced Levels 7 & 8, many schools offer Swim Club and Swim Team for their advanced swimmers. Contact your neighborhood swim school to learn more about these programs where swimmers develop in a social, team environment. 

At Aqua-Tots Swim Schools, we know that all children learn and progress differently. That’s why we offer programs for those who desire to swim beyond our core classes. Because safe and confident swimming can easily turn into a love for the swimming sport! 

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