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Summer Activities for Kids: The Bucket List That’ll Make a Splash!

Oh, the lazy days of summer seem like a blissful idea at the end of the school year, but after a couple of weeks of relaxation, it can feel a bit more like stir-crazy chaos. Keep the little ones in your household busy this summer with our water-worthy Summer Bucket List full of summer activities for kids. It’ll give them every opportunity to have fun, keep busy and use their super swimming skills. 

Download and print our Summer Bucket List for kids, then color and fill it out with your family.

Fun Activities for Kids this Summer

Summer is the perfect time for fun in the sun, and we want to spark some imagination, giving your little ones some ideas to take full advantage of the sizzling summer months.

Ideas for Water Activities for Kids

Here are a few things we’d add to our own Summer Bucket List. Feel free to use any (or all) of them!

  • Attend Weekly Swim Lessons at Aqua-Tots—Keep those swimming skills supercharged and maintain a healthy routine in weekly lessons (or enroll today!). 
  • Play Super Soaker Freeze Tag—Watch as little ones run around, squirt and soak each other in the summer sun.
  • Have a Back Float Competition—If kids are enrolled at a local Aqua-Tots, they’ve learned to back float from the G.O.A.T. Watch them practice and have a little friendly competition, too.
  • Entertain with Swimmer’s Got Talent, Pool Edition—Watch as your little ones put on their very own super cool pool talent show.
  • Throw a Water Balloon Bonanza—A hose, a bucket and balloons is all you need to have a splashing good time. 
  • Host a Neighborhood Sprinkler Party—Dodge, skip or run through the yard, to the neighbors and back for the coolest block party around.
  • Enjoy a Poolside Picnic—Even a PBJ tastes better in the backyard! Enjoy the warmer weather together and eat outside.
  • Glide on a Slip ‘n Slide—Lay on your belly and enjoy this summertime classic.
  • Pose for an Underwater Photoshoot—Grab a waterproof camera, goggles and watch those superstar swim skills shine. 
  • Make Sponge Water Bombs—A softer alternative to balloons, cut up or use whole sponges for soft, friendly, water-soaked fun.
  • Create a Water Obstacle Course—Combine buckets, hoses, squirt guns, slip ‘n slides, water balloons or sponge water bombs and create your own water play field for children.  
  • Tube a River—Sit back, relax and enjoy the twists and turns of a summer tube ride.
  • Go for a Boat Ride—Whether a speed boat with your hair whipping in the wind or a leisurely canoe ride, bask in a boating adventure.
  • Visit a Water Park—There are rides for all ages from the easy, gentle rides for tots to the soaring, super-soaking rides for teens. This is a trip the whole family can enjoy.
  • Go Fishing—Cast a line to enjoy this classic summer pastime. 
  • Hike to a Waterfall—Visiting a tropical location? Have a waterfall where you live? Lace up those hiking boots and take a hike. Remember your swimming suit to cool off under the waterfall.
  • Dance in the Rain—There’s something refreshing about a mid-summer rain. Tell the kids to grab a friend, sibling or parent and prance through the puddles.
  • Feed the Ducks—Practice your most quintessential quack while sharing bread, crackers or duck food with these feathery fowl.
  • Skip Rocks on a Pond, Lake or River—1, 2, 3, 4! How many times can your rock jump across the water? 
  • Swim with Dolphins—Have an opportunity to dive in with dolphins this summer? Do it! This goes beyond a summer bucket list and makes it to the bucket list of a lifetime! 

More Summer Seasonal Activities for Kids

  • Make Homemade Popsicles—Get those creative, culinary juices flowing and have little ones create their own popsicles. They can use their favorite juices, add fresh fruit or even freeze their own yogurt pops.
  • Build Sandcastles on a Beach—Take a break from wave surfing and bring buckets and shovels to watch imaginations soar with sand construction.
  • Create Pool Noodle Crafts—Beat any rainy day blues or prep for the next pool party by creating pool noodle crafts. Use the floats to make wacky characters, game pieces to chalk tic-tac-toe, create summer garland or pool-themed wreaths. The options are endless.
  • Watch a Sunset/Sunrise on the Beach—Take in the beauty of summer sun. “Seas the day” sun up or enjoy sun down (or both) to bask in the golden glow of the season.
  • Throw a Luau—End of school party? Summer birthday? Or just for fun! Host a great event with a tropical Hawaiian theme. 
  • Play Mermaids—Little imaginations were “mermaid” to play, pretend and have fun all summer long. 
  • Blow Bubbles—Enjoy hours of fun blowing and POPPING these sudsy spheres. Make huge ones, wiggly ones, etc. and watch as tots stay amazed.
  • Run After the Ice Cream Truck—And buy a sweet, summertime snack (queue the ice cream truck jingle!)
  • Collect Seashells—Bring a bucket and watch the excitement as little hands discover the fun of the sea shore. 
  • Visit an Aquarium—Kids will bond and become “best fins forever” with a fun, educational outing to any aquarium.

With the ideas listed above and your family’s imagination, summer boredom will be a thing of the past. We’re excited to hear about the summer adventures you experience. Feel free to tag us on Facebook or Instagram, so we can share in those happy, splashy memories.

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