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The Ultimate Water Safety Checklist for Babysitters

Mom and Dad, you work hard—constantly juggling work, wrangling the kiddos, taking tots to school, jumping into swim lessons and a million other activities—and you deserve a break! Whether it’s a night, an afternoon or even an hour out on the town, your reprieve may come through the shining, smiling face of a babysitter. 

Prepare Your Babysitter & Home for Water Safety

Whoever gets the opportunity to watch your little ones should be given more than the dinner menu, activity schedule and bedtime routine. For your peace of mind and the safety of your kiddos, equip your caregiver with the best resources and information available pertaining to the safety of your family—and this includes water safety! Having relevant expectations and emergency numbers located in a convenient and visible location gives them valuable resources while offering you the peace of mind you need to relax during your time away.

Printable Babysitter Safety Checklist

At Aqua-Tots, we know swim safety and we have created the Ultimate Babysitters Checklist for Water Safety for you to download, save, pin and print for your babysitter. By providing and discussing this checklist with your babysitter, you’re outlining your expectations regarding in-home water safety. After all, water is everywhere, in every season—bathtubs, backyards, buckets, etc.—and bringing this to the attention of those tending to your tots is priceless. Set this list on the counter, refrigerator or dining room table, and set everyone up for a fun, safe evening.

Download, pin and print our Ultimate Water Safety Checklist for Babysitters.

Tips for Discussing Water Safety with the Babysitter

In addition to our checklist, you’ll want to communicate with your babysitter additional water safety precautions and boundaries for your family (i.e. bath time, near parks or ponds, etc.). There are certain questions you will need to ask in advance, guidelines you may want to emphasize and insights to share that only a parent would know. A few tips when speaking with babysitters (particularly teen/college aged caregivers) about water safety:

CPR Certified

Prior to your evening away, ask if your babysitter is CPR certified. If they are not, limit or prohibit their time in pools (backyard, community or friend’s).

Share Insight

While parents have a sixth sense about their child’s whereabouts and safety around the water, remember that young caregivers may not. Think through what water safety traits you would have been unaware of before having children and make those things clear to your babysitter. Better to be overly safe when it comes to the water.

Emergency Essentials

Explain the importance of having a phone close by during bath time and if swimming. 

No Tik Tok on the Clock

Reiterate that devices are only for emergencies. No talking, texting or scrolling when water is present. 

Be Specific

Outline exactly which items on the in-home water safety checklist apply to your household. 

At Aqua-Tots Swim Schools, we know that date nights may be few and far between for busy moms and dads. That’s why we want your time away to be relaxing and to help facilitate the peace of mind that comes with children who are safe in and around the water.

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