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10 Tips for Bathtime Safety for Kids

It’s that time of night. Time to add the bubbles, find the toys and fill the tub for some good clean fun. Bathtime in many homes is a welcome part of the evening routine, however, as with any other time that water is present, it is best to stay vigilant and aware of the best bathtub safety practices. 

Even with the best of intentions, distractions happen. The phone rings, a text pings, a child calls for help. Interruptions are simply a part of everyday life, however, there are times when undivided attention is necessary, and one such instance is bathtime. 

Importance of Bathtime Water Safety

According to data collected by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, “Over 75 percent of all bathtub and shower-related fatalities occur among children under five, and 90 percent of the injuries and deaths occur when these young children are not being supervised by a responsible adult.” While we all know that leaving a child unattended in the bathtub is not recommended, even the most well-meaning caregivers can find themselves unintentionally distracted. 

Additionally, the report stated that 87 children drown at home every year and 81% of these incidents involve bathtubs or bath-related items. This is why we want to equip all our aqua-moms and dads, babysitters, grandparents and caregivers with some tips for bath safety.


  1. Always stay within arm’s reach when a child is in or near the bathtub, even when filling it. 
  2. Before you begin bathing your child, have all supplies (soap, toys, towel) within arm’s reach. 
  3. If you need to leave the bathroom, take your child with you. 
  1. Do not rely on older children to watch younger siblings in the bathtub. 
  2. Keep your eyes on the prize—the baby prize, that is. Avoid phones, magazines or anything else that may cause distraction.
  3. Baby bathtubs are a bathing aid, not a safety device or a substitute for adult supervision. 
  4. Use rubber grippers, bathmats and faucet covers to avoid slips and scrapes. 
  5. Always empty bath water immediately after use. 
  6. Place a latch on the bathroom door to keep children out of the bathroom when unsupervised. 
  7. Pay attention to water temperature. Test water with your wrist or elbows to prevent any burns to young, sensitive skin. 

Bonus Bathroom Water Safety Tips

Beyond the scrub-a-dub-dubbing in the tub, it’s important to note other opportunities to practice water safety in the bathroom.  

  • Keep the toilet lid down or locked to prevent access to water.  
  • Empty buckets or containers with even small amounts of water in them to avoid accidental tumbles. 
  • Remove step stools or climbing mechanisms so young, curious climbers cannot reach sinks without supervision.  
  • Wipe up any spills or splashes to prevent slips.

At Aqua-Tots Swim Schools, we know busy families do everything in their power to keep their little ones safe in and around the water. That’s why we’re here to come alongside you, to give your children the skills they need to make time in the water—even in the bathtub—the happiest, splashiest of childhood memories. Ready to start your child’s Swim Journey for a lifetime of water safety? Enroll in swim lessons today!

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