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Water Safety Tips for Traveling with Children

Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go…

Do you have a family trip or vacation planned? If so, you may be hurriedly packing for the upcoming road trip or hailing an Uber to the airport, all with the happy expectations of a memory-making getaway. Before you reach your destination, however, we want to take a moment to send a friendly reminder that water is everywhere and swim safety isn’t reserved for the summer. 

When traveling with children, it’s best to be prepared and to stay vigilant when water is involved. Below we have listed several scenarios and advice to keep you prepared and aware of the best water safety tips while traveling.

Download our Ultimate Guide to Pool Safety and add it to your carry-on bag.

Water Safety Awareness When Staying With Friends or Family

Cousin Connie has opened her home, and it’s saving your family the cost of a hotel. But Cousin Connie has a pool. “No problem,” you say. “It’s too cold to swim anyway.” (If Cousin Connie lives in the tropical south, maybe it’s, “We’ll be too busy to swim.”)

The hustle and bustle of travel and family gatherings are the prime time to keep an extra-close eye on your little ones, especially at the homes of friends and relatives, where your sweet angels may seem less like perfect cherubs and more like Curious George, anxious to see what’s out back. So, while you’re taking in the sites and spending much needed time catching up and sharing meals, please take note of a few water safety measures we recommend:

  • If there is a pool, ensure that doors and gates are locked, and everyone is accounted for at all times.
  • Come prepared. If you plan to take a splash in the pool, bring your own safety gear and plan to stay within arm’s reach of swimmers at all times.
  • If Cousin Connie has a pool and you have young, non-experienced swimmers, make sure you both set ground rules and supervision expectations.
  • Be aware of bathroom water safety and check out our list of the best tips for bathtime safety.

Water Safety Travel Tips for Hotel Pools & Hot Tubs

If Cousin Connie is out of space and your family is staying at a nearby hotel, hip hip hooray for an indoor pool! There are few things kids love more than swimming, but in the colder months when a splash is unexpected, indoor pools present a magical adventure (and admit it, a soak in the hot tub sounds pretty good to Mom and Dad, too)! Some good hotel water safety tips include:

  • Always have adults present when children are in or around the water. This is no time to send little ones down for a dip with siblings or to let them play while the adults relax in the hot tub. 
  • Hotel pools are set up for parental supervision, so download our Water Watcher Card and ensure that there is always someone supervising the kids. 
  • Try an evening splash! A good swim before bed is an excellent way to tucker out the tots.
  • Pack small toys such as diving rings, goggles and brightly colored swim suits for hotel swimming.
  • Respect pool hours and others that may be enjoying the water as well. Try to keep your children’s in-pool excitement contained to a designated space.

Water Safety Tips for Kids on Cruises & Tropical Vacations

Water may be an intentional part of your family’s vacation plans. If you’re headed on a cruise or to a tropical paradise, you’re already well aware that your little ones will be splashing through their vacay. Some general rules of thumb include:

  • Be aware of the location of all pools in the venue and take into consideration your proximity to any fresh water. 
  • Observe the number of lifeguards on duty as well as open times at the pools and beaches.
  • Pack sunscreen and US Coast Guard approved life preservers.
  • Commit to constant adult supervision of young children while traveling. Again, have a designated Water Watcher at all times (even if a lifeguard is on duty) to help your family have the most relaxing vacation ever!

At Aqua-Tots Swim Schools, we know that life is busy and can get even more hectic when traveling. That’s why we’re here with helpful tips to remain water safe on your getaway. After all, Aqua-Tots is about so much more than swim lessons. It’s about keeping your children safe year-round—in any location—for their entire lives. And that’s a commitment we stand behind!

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