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SPLASHtastic Summer Pool Games

School’s out (or close to it!), which means children and parents everywhere are breathing a collective sigh of relief. Bring on the lazy days of summer! While pool lounging, sleeping in and countless hours of playtime may top the “to do” list, caregivers know that the fun and freedom can quickly turn into boredom.

Plan ahead for the weeks to come with these fun and educational (shhh…we won’t tell!) splash-worthy pool games to keep little ones swimming happily!

Sight Word Dive

School may be over, but sight words don’t have to be. Keep their reading skills at the forefront of their focus by writing sight words on diving sticks and sending eager swimmers to the bottom of the pool to gather them up. Bonus: Use words that can create full sentences, and let them string the words together on the pool’s edge.

Swim Scrabble

Sponges and a permanent marker can easily take the age-old game of Scrabble to the pool. Create floatable letter tiles and have little ones take turns gathering letters to create words. If your tot isn’t proficient with spelling yet, use the opportunity to spell his or her name and put the alphabet in order.

Floating Numbers

Put those wine corks to good use with this floating number game. Write a number on each cork and toss them in the pool to make a variety of math memories. Children can collect odd or even numbers, see who can find the highest or lowest number, add the total number of corks collected or find the number to match their age. Make it a little more challenging for older children by incorporating addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Goin’ On A Number Hunt 

Spread foam numbers around the pool and practice swim strokes while hunting to find the numbers in order…or backwards. Or throw in two sets of numbers and make it a race between two children.

Swimmers Got Talent, Pool Edition

We know older kiddos might see through these attempts at math and reading skills, so we’ve included a few games that don’t stretch their brain cells. Like a talent show, pool style. Handstands, cannonballs and the best mermaid impersonation are a few places to start. Mom and dad get to be the judges!

Marco Polo 2.0

Take the classic game of Marco Polo to the next level with animal sounds! Let the child who’s “it” play as a sea animal (or any animal for that matter), and those they’re trying to catch must make the corresponding animal sound. Do you speak whale?

Water Squirter Races

Create a water squirter obstacle course through the yard and pool that will have all the neighborhood kiddos begging to play at your house this summer. They can race to the finish line and repeat until naptime. 

At Aqua-Tots Swim Schools, we know that the water is where the happiest memories are made. That’s why we want your little ones to have a lifetime of fun and safety while giving you the peace of mind you desire.

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