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Smart and FUN New Year's Resolutions For Kids

At Aqua-Tots, we love setting goals almost as much as we love watching people achieve them, and the new year is a perfect time to start. Goals will help children learn through hard work, dedication and practice that they can achieve anything. Consider using the blank slate of a new year as a teachable moment for your little ones, offering them valuable lessons on how to create attainable resolutions so they can feel the joy of achieving them!

How to Set New Year’s Resolutions for Children

Keep goals positive and realistic for children. When assisting in writing new year’s resolutions for kids, remove any negative words or phrases. For example, instead of “not eating candy,” try rephrasing it to “make healthy choices.” As role models and caretakers, we are responsible to set positive goal development habits. “Parents can start by explaining what a resolution is and give examples of ones they have set in past years,” says Dr. Kristen Eastman, PsyD, a pediatric clinical psychologist at Cleveland Children’s Hospital. “Asking your children for ideas and helping them evaluate the options together is really important.”

Five New Year’s Resolution Activities for Kids

So, what types of resolutions can your little one create that are smart, fun and attainable? Below we offer five splashtastic ideas for your children. Additionally, we have included fun accountability charts to help track their superstar progress and jumpstart their new habits.

Complete A Chore Resolution

Work with your kiddo and select the best chore for your young goal-getter. Help children select an appropriate chore based on age, ability and any other applicable variables. Older, stronger children may be able to take out the trash, while younger ones may be better suited for putting their shoes away or placing their dishes in the sink.

Download and print our Parent’s Chore Choice Tracker:

Practice Swimming Skills at Home Resolution

For all our Aqua-Tots swimmers, this one is a must! Encourage children to practice their swimming skills outside of the pool. They may even be inspired to set bigger goals for themselves such as completing a level, finishing their Swim Journey or joining Swim Club. Any goal or resolution that results in a lifetime of water safety is a BIG win in our book!

Download and print our Fish Out of Water Plotter:

Make Healthy Choices Resolution

Chow down on some nutritious fuel for the pool and help children form more healthful habits when it comes to eating. Root for fresh fruits and vegetables and keep healthy snack options around the house for little munchers. 

Download and print our Healthy Snack Attack Tracker:

Stay Positive Resolution

Make statements such as “no” and “I can’t” a thing of the past in your home. Support positive attitudes, curiosity and an eagerness to try new things. Perhaps it’s as simple as trying new foods or helping children purposely pick a positive attitude instead of shying away from unknown tasks. 

Download and print our Can-Do ‘Tude Tracker:

Choose Your Own Resolution

This one is like the free space on the Bingo card. After talking with children about goals and resolutions, let them use their imagination and create their own brilliant ideas. With your approval, your children can track their own superstar goals. 

Download and print our Kid’s Choice Goal Tracker:

There you have it, our list of New Year’s resolutions for kids. We remain in awe of all our goal-getters and superstar swimmers at Aqua-Tots. It is a privilege to watch our students grow and learn along their Swim Journey. Here’s to a year full of high-fives, healthy habits and reaching goals!

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