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Splashing Your Way to a Happy, Healthy New Year

Many a New Year’s resolution is making it’s way across the lips of determined individuals, vowing to trim their winter waistline, where visions of sugarplums danced more on the hips than in the head. And while many may be vowing to start the new decade off with daily trips to the gym, others may be looking for new ways to shed a few extra holiday pounds.

Enter the pool.

That’s right. The very place where your little ones learn the breaststroke and butterfly is one of the healthiest places for Mom and Dad to jump in and put their own swimming skills to good use.

“Swimming is one of the best full-body, low-impact physical activities you can do,” says Jimmy Minardi, personal trainer and creator of Minardi Training. “It offers something no other aerobic exercise does—the ability to work all the major muscle groups without harsh impact to your skeletal system. Every kick and arm stroke becomes a resistance exercise—which is the best way to increase overall fitness, strength, flexibility and muscular endurance, enabling you to re-sculpt your body.”

But before you tune out the idea of hours of laps in the pool, check out Shape.com’s Best Swimming Exercises You Can Do That Aren’t Laps. Get the kids to join in—everybody has a few extra Christmas calories they can afford to burn.

At Aqua-Tots Swim Schools, we know that swimming lasts for a lifetime. It’s more than a childhood activity; it’s a lifelong option for optimal health and fitness. And those who are fortunate enough to learn to swim as children are one step ahead when they choose to take advantage of one of the most effective exercises available as adults. Here’s wishing you and your family the happiest and healthiest new year.

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