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What Happens in Arizona Impacts the World

When you enter your local Aqua-Tots Swim Schools, you’re likely concentrating on saying hello to your Aqua-Tots family, getting your child’s Aqua-Card and waiting for your class to begin. You’re solely (and rightly!) focused on your tot’s progression in the water, and the processes and procedures—the “behind the scenes”—of your local swim school may be far from your mind.
But beyond the pool, out in the desert of Arizona, a group of people come together each day to equip your local swim school—over 100 Aqua-Tots locations, in fact—with everything they need to offer your family exceptional swim lessons. And today we want to introduce you to the place where this happens, where franchise owners are supported and managers are trained, where curriculum is constantly held in the light of current swimming trends and where the Aqua-Tots core values are put into practice each and every day. Welcome to the Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Worldwide Franchise Headquarters. We’re glad you’re here.

Yesterday, Wednesday, January 8, 2020, marked a significant moment for Aqua-Tots. The ribbon was cut at a celebratory ceremony to commemorate the opening of our new headquarters office in Mesa, Arizona. As the sun shone down, Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Co-Founders Ron Sciarro and Paul Preston, along with CEO Craig Wright welcomed guests and members of the community including Councilmember Jeremy Whittaker and Mesa Mayor John Giles who spoke on the importance of Aqua-Tots as a community leader.
“Businesses like Aqua-Tots do more than call Mesa home,” remarked Mayor Giles. “They serve as leaders who take our business community to the next level by creating new jobs and economic diversity while continuing to serve the families of Mesa and beyond. We’re proud to have the Aqua-Tots Franchise Headquarters as a part of the thriving Mesa community and stand behind them as they work to make the world a safer place for children and families all over the world.”
When you walk up to the sleek and modern headquarters building, you may not understand the history that has been written in Mesa over the last 28 years, and it all started in a community pool, where one teenage lifeguard taught one single lesson, and a dream was born.
At a time when quality childhood swim lessons were a novelty, Ron and Jane Sciarro created a different kind of swim experience. In borrowed backyard pools and rented hotel facilities around the greater Phoenix area, the Sciarros offered parents a place where they could be heard, where their goals for their kids in the water weren’t simply a wish list, but a commitment. And Aqua-Tots took off!
By 2004, the idea of a year-round swim program had made its way into the hearts and minds of parents everywhere, and with the help of Paul and Heather Preston, the first Aqua-Tots Swim Schools location opened in Mesa, Arizona, followed quickly by the first franchise location in 2007. Today, Aqua-Tots serves over 100 communities in 14 countries worldwide, and our commitment to parents is exactly the same as it was in 1991, to teach children to swim.
“I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn the things I have through Aqua-Tots over the past 28 years,” said Aqua-Tots Co-Founder Ron Sciarro. “Whether we’re in the United States or Vietnam or Saudi Arabia, people say the same thing, ‘We trust you with our most precious asset, our children.’ I recently did an interview in Vietnam, the country with the world’s second highest drowning rate. I spoke with a mom who simply wanted to know what we were going to do to teach her child how to swim. It was an identical conversation to the ones we have with moms in Arizona or Michigan. People all over the world care about the same thing, the safety and security of their families. So we feel incredibly fortunate to be able to serve these families as well as better equip our franchise teams from the new Franchise Headquarters Office.”
So the next time you rest in the red chairs during your child’s swim lesson, we want you to know that there is a committed team of people in Mesa, Arizona, working to make each and every school the most effective and equipped place for your child’s safety in and around the water. And if you’re ever in the sunny Phoenix valley, stop by! We’d love to meet you!
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