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Aqua-Tots Travel Games for Kids

Road Trip Games for Kids

“Are we there yet?” It’s the dreaded question parents hear on road trips in the car. Any ride over thirty minutes may seem like centuries to active kiddos and parents alike. Add a few hours, a full day or even several days, and all passengers will be craving entertainment and fun ways to pass the time.    

Well, we’re here with our favorite ways to travel from pool to pool. These road trip games are especially intriguing because they require zero technology. You read that right, you can tuck away the phones, tablets, TVs and anything else that requires a charger. Our road trip games are fun options that limit screen time and come to the rescue if a battery dies or if someone forgets the charger.

Fun Travel Games for Kids

These are fun games to play in the car, truck, RV, etc. We have suggested a structure for the games but recommend that you remain flexible and adjust rules or ideas that suit your rambunctious car riders. Also, we love all things water, so we challenge you to keep the games water, swimming and aqua-themed. 

Who am I? (Also known as 20 Questions) 

This is the OG of car trip trivia games. The premise is simple. One player selects a person (or water-related object) and keeps their identity a secret. The other players then ask yes or no questions to collect hints and guess the identity. You can leave questions unlimited until the correct answer is discovered, or you can limit each round to 20 questions.  

 *Parenting Hack: Prepare for this game in advance! Write characters or objects on pieces of paper ahead of time and place them in a hat, bag, cup, etc. for players to draw before their turn. We have provided an Aqua-Tots themed list for you to download. Cut them out in advance and have them ready for your next prolonged voyage. 

Aqua-Tots Travel Game Download

Alphabet Travel Games

With 26 letters in the alphabet, these games are perfect for long journeys and can entertain kiddos for extended periods of time. The premise is simple and easily adaptable. Select from the following versions for tons of alphabetical fun.    

  • ABC Basics: Select a theme, topic or category (examples: Aqua-Tots, pool party, beach, water animals, etc.). Players take turns naming items that match the theme going in alphabetical order. For example, if you chose water animals, the first player may say, “angelfish,” the second player may say, “beluga whale,” and so on.   
  • ZYX Advanced: Instead of going in alphabetical order, state an object that starts with the last letter of the previous player’s answer. For example, if the first player says, “angelfish,” the second player could say, “hippopotamus,” the third player could say, “swordfish,” etc.   
  • Spot the Alphabet: Take a long look out of the window and you will see lots of letters on license plates, billboards, signs and buildings. Each player “gathers” letters in order, shouting out their ABCs as they see them. The first player to Z wins! 

Story Time Road Trip Games 

Imaginations ignite! These story games are a twist on the traditional popcorn reading. Each player builds upon the last, creating their very own silly, shared story. The first player begins by saying, “Once upon a time…” Each player then builds upon the previous sentence. The story will continue until each passenger has had a chance to contribute three to five sentences or you can put a time limit (such as seven minutes) on each complete story. 

Swim Moms and Dads, we challenge you to keep these plots swimming or water-themed. Just imagine, “Once upon a time, Ollie the Otter went to stay with Grandma and Grandpa Otter for the weekend….” 

Word Association Travel Game

Need a quick game to occupy the family while traveling? This fast-paced thinking game is a great option. Player one picks a word and player two has to say the first thing that comes to mind as fast as they can (preferably within three seconds). For example, if player one says “swimming,” player two may shout out, “pool” or “lessons.” Let the laughing commence.  

Road Trip Games to Play for the Entirety of the Trip

Healthy Competitions
This is a great travel game to begin at the start of any prolonged journey and play for the entirety of the trip. Prevent wiggles and relieve restless little legs with friendly fitness competitions. For example, before the trip starts, see who can do the most jumping jacks or run in place the longest. Along the journey—at rest stops or during delays—see how many times your little swimmer can perform their chicken-star-rocket swim move in 30 seconds, who can touch their toes the most, etc. Keep children active before, during and after trips to expel that overflowing energy.   

What Am I Counting?
Throughout your journey, one passenger secretly selects something to count outside the car during the trip. When they see it, they count out loud. For example, when they see a lake they count and say, “one!” The next lake they see, they shout out, “two!” Other passengers try to guess what they are counting along the way. If they guess correctly before the journey is over, they become the counter and select a new object outside to count. Play this game for the whole trip or limit it to an hour, two hours, etc. before selecting a new object. It’s a great way to keep the family engaged, thinking and passing time.       

Similar to your tot’s Swim Journey, we’re here to come alongside you for the adventure of childhood and make these precious years even sweeter. Wherever your road trip takes you, we hope a little Aqua-Tots fun and safety follows you. And speaking of safety, if you’re headed to destinations with pools, water slides or splashing, pack our Ultimate Pool Safety Guide and stay prepared. Wishing you and your family safe travels and happy road tripping!