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The #1 Swim Toy to Avoid

If you’ve entered a grocery store in the last couple of months, you’re sure to have seen an eye-catching, kid’s attention-grabbing aisle somewhere near the front. The swim toy aisle. Water shooters, relaxing loungers, pineapple paraphernalia and pool toys of every shape, size and color are available for your little one’s poolside enjoyment.

But what if there’s one pool toy that presents more harm than fun? Significantly more. According to Danielle Stringer, also known as the Kid Nurse, “Parents want to keep their children safe in the water, but every time I go swimming, I see kids in the pool with one of the most dangerous swim toys. It makes me sad, nervous, and completely on alert. If you own this toy, find it now, and promptly throw it away.”

That toy? Floaties.

READ MORE HERE Learn why floaties are the #1 swim toy to avoid and why Nurse Danielle advises all parents to find other ways to keep their children safe in and around the water. Namely? Swim lessons. “And start from as young an age as possible,” she says.

At Aqua-Tots Swim Schools, we’re all about safety and fun around the water. From swim lessons as early as 4 months old to pool toys that’ll keep your children safe, we’re all in this together.

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