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Swim Safety for Kids This Summer

Aqua-Tots Lexington’s General Manager Hannah Griffiths sat down with Everyday Kentucky to share how children can stay safer in and around the water this summer using the ABCs of Water Safety.

When explaining the importance of swim lessons, Griffiths said, “Getting your kids into the pool, learning what their body feels like in the water, teaching them how to rollover and get on their back to get their air” is what’s important. “We teach a skill called Chicken-Star-Rocket…so they can lay on their back to get their air, and it’s one of the most important skills that we teach at Aqua-Tots to help kids feel safe.”

In response to the question of the safety of flotation devices, Griffiths responded, “We want to make sure that kids learn what their body feels like naturally in the water. So, if you do need them to wear a life jacket, having a Coast Guard approved life jacket is very important. It gives kids a false sense of security—those puddle jumpers—and it keeps them in the vertical, drowning position. We want to teach them how to be in a horizontal, swimming position. So, that’s why getting in the water with your kids—helping them learn what correct body positioning feels like in the water—is the best way to help them feel safe.

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