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our story


our story swim-abt
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It all started in a pool, but not one of the indoor, 90° pools that tots have come to love over the last 29 years. Our mission began in a community pool in Tempe, Arizona, where one teenage lifeguard taught one single lesson, and a dream was born.

At a time when quality childhood swim instruction was a novelty, Ron and Jane Sciarro created a different kind of swim experience. Their mobile swim school traveled the greater Phoenix area to borrowed backyard pools and rented hotel facilities, where the Sciarros offered parents a place to be heard and where their water safety goals for their children were more than a wish list, but a commitment. And Aqua-Tots took off!

By 2005, the idea of a year-round swim program had made its way into the hearts and minds of parents everywhere, and with the help of Paul and Heather Preston, the first Aqua-Tots Swim Schools location opened in Mesa, Arizona, followed quickly by the first franchise location in 2007.

Today, Aqua-Tots Swim Schools serves over 100 communities in 14 countries, and our commitment to parents is exactly the same as it was in 1991. We value your desire to see your children develop a life-long love for swimming, and we’re committed to teaching children of all ages and abilities the skills they need to become safe and confident swimmers for life.

After all, it’s about so much more than swim lessons. It’s about propelling lives, one swim lesson at a time.

Our mission


Our mission swim-abt
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To save lives by teaching children all over the world how to become safe and confident swimmers for life.


قيمنا الجوهرية

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Whether moving through swim levels or building a business, we are committed to treating all people with the same intentional care and support that we offer to our swim school families and franchise owners.

  • 1. يؤكد كل منهما قوة الآخر، ويحمي نقاط الضعف التي يعاني منها الآخر.
  • 2. عامل الآخرين كما تحب أن يعاملوك.
  • 3. إعطاء الدعم لمن يمكنهم التعلم.
  • 4. اسعى اولا لفهم الآخرين قبل ان تحول جعلهم يفهمونك.
  • 5. تفضيل العلاقات على الفائدة.
  • 6. فكر خارج الصندوق، دائمًا تشكك في الوضع الراهن.
  • 7. الثناء في العلن؛ وتصحيح الأخطاء في الخفاء.


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Moms in Michigan, dads in Dubai and parents in Panama all want the same thing: safety and security for their families. That’s why we’re here to give children all over the world the skills they need to remain safe in and around the water.

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