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Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Franchise Owner Shares the ABCs of Water Safety for Kids


Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Franchise Owner & SpokesMom Lindsay Thayer traveled to New York City to share the ABCs of Water Safety on Fox & Friends. The nationally televised segment aired live on Sunday, July 17, and featured Team Tots and several super swimmers who aimed to show America the skills of safe and confident swimming.

When asked about the ABCs of Water Safety, Thayer had this to say about A or adult supervision: “As parents, it is our job to be watching our kids at all times in and around the water, to be focused and undistracted. Parents are the first line of defense when it comes to water safety. Even just hanging by the pool, scrolling through your cell phone, put it away and be present.”

In regards to the second letter in the ABCs, Thayer explained, “B is for barriers, ensuring that any body of water has enclosed fencing with self-latching gates and locks. In fact, 69% of drownings occur when kids aren’t even expected to be in or around water, so barriers and fencing are very important.”

She went on to say, “C is for classes, swim classes, having your children enrolled in a year-round, consistent program until they become safe and confident swimmers for life. Swim lessons reduce the risk of drowning by 88% in children between the ages of one and four. It’s just as important as buckling your child in a car seat.”

In response to what age children should start swim lessons, Thayer said, “They should start as early as four months. Our program starts at four months old, and we go all the way up to twelve. So, anytime is a good time; the earlier, the better.

Thayer then went on to explain some of the valuable swimming skills taught in the proven Aqua-Tots curriculum. “At Aqua-Tots, what we’re trying to do at a very young age is instill trust in the water, but for them to know that they have to have permission in order to get in.”

When referring to specific strokes, Thayer said, “Something that we teach at Aqua-Tots is Chicken-Star-Rocket. It’s our elementary backstroke. It’s a survival stroke that you can use for a lifetime because it doesn’t take a lot of energy to get from point A to point B. You’re on your back and you can breathe and get your air.”