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Aqua-Tots Swim School Partners With The State Of Texas To Officially Recognize Water Safety Month

Local Franchise Owner Arlette Belver Honored as Water Safety Ambassador

As parents, keeping our children safe is always our top priority. That’s why every May, Aqua-Tots Swim Schools across the country put a special focus on National Water Safety Month. This month is all about educating families on the importance of water safety, a message that is especially critical in states like Texas. With over 800,000 backyard pools, 7,000+ lakes, 191,000 miles of streams, 15 major river basins, eight coastal basins, more than 200 major reservoirs and over 350 miles of coastline, there are plenty of places for our little ones to explore–and potential dangers to be aware of. 

One standout in this important mission is Aqua-Tots Swim School Franchise Owner Arlette Belver. Her dedication to water safety in the community has not gone unnoticed. Arlette worked tirelessly with local government leaders to have this crucial month officially recognized by both the city of San Antonio and the state of Texas. Thanks to her efforts, proclamations were issued by Mayor Ron Nirenberg and State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer. In a ceremony on May 23rd, Arlette was honored with these official documents and the role of water safety ambassador for the city. She received special recognition from local leaders Lorena Monroe of Bonita Productions and John Hartsfield of the Icon to Ican Foundation. 

“In 2024 alone, Texas has already seen 15 drowning deaths, with two occurring in Bexar County,” Arlette shared at the ceremony. “Many of these tragic incidents can be prevented through greater awareness of water safety. It’s especially important for children, who are most at risk. Participation in formal swim lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by up to 88%. Our schools offer comprehensive swim programs for all ages and abilities, focusing on the critical skills needed to stay safe in and around water.” 

During the ceremony, Arlette thanked her team, friends, husband Matthew, three children and God for all they do on a daily basis to support her and their shared mission to save lives. Her next step will be to open a new Aqua-Tots Swim School location in Oviedo, Florida this summer. This will be a big milestone for both Arlette and the company, as it will be her first school in the state and the company’s first of many planned for the Orlando area. 

Craig Wright, CEO of Aqua-Tots Swim School, honored Arlette’s achievements by saying, “Arlette truly embodies our dedication to water safety and our core values. She treats our swim families like her own and has played a significant role in our growth over the last decade. We are incredibly grateful for the passion of owners like Arlette, who are committed to propelling life throughout their communities and around the world.” 

Arlette dove into the industry after witnessing the near-drowning of her youngest daughter in 2010, when their canoe overturned in the Guadalupe River. Fortunately, Arlette was able to rescue her, but she was traumatized and would not go near the water for over a year. In 2011, an Aqua-Tots opened near their home and Arlette enrolled her daughter right away. In spite of her apprehension, the instructors remained unphased and showed patience, kindness and love. Quickly, Arlette’s daughter learned to enjoy the water again. 

“Were it not for this franchise and the care shown by their instructors nearly fifteen years ago, my daughter’s anxiety might remain, and we never would have committed to the mission of improving water safety among children and families,” Arlette said. She opened her first swim school in northwest San Antonio in 2013 and now owns four schools in the area, helping thousands of children learn how to put “safety first and fun every second!” 

The actions of dedicated individuals like Arlette remind us of the crucial importance of swim lessons and the value of inspiring communities to prioritize the well-being of their children around water. With the support of passionate leaders, committed families and comprehensive swim programs, Aqua-Tots is making significant strides in ensuring that every child can become a safe and confident swimmer for life.