How To Create The Perfect Swim Lesson Gift Bundle

The countdown to gift giving is on! Some still find themselves zipping through stores, tossing toys and trinkets into carts in hopes of finding the perfect treasure to put under the tree. Many scour online sites in the nail-biting race against shipping deadlines. Still others have vowed for less clutter this holiday season, giving experiential gift certificates in place of items that will be long forgotten by next year.

The gift of an experience, however, may leave some gift-givers on the search for a few “extras” to wildly unwrap on Christmas morning. That’s where we come in. Below you will find ways to make a holiday swim lesson gift certificate a thrill of excitement when it’s time to open presents! And best of all, each gift item is available at your local Aqua-Tots.

Kick Boards

Give them the comfort of the same swim buddies they use during lessons in the comfort of their own home. Whether lizard or turtle, your little one will love their new friend!


This gift can live at home but also gets to join your swimming star at every lesson. Strap on these colorful goggles, request their best fish-face and snap a pic by the tree.

Swim Diapers

For the littlest Aqua-Tots, there’s always room for a backup swim diaper. Can you say, stocking stuffer?

Diving Rings

Give the kids something to show off their up-and-coming swimming skills. The diving rings they use during lessons make a great addition to your pool bag. Make sure to cheer them on as they dive to the bottom of the pool just like their swim instructors do!

Bundle Up!

Tuck those swim lesson gift cards into a bundle made for a sea queen…or king. Add a beach towel, swimming suit and festive sea ornament to finish off your perfectly SPLASHtastic gift!

Holiday swim lesson gift certificates are still available for a limited time…until December 22 to be exact. Swing by your local Aqua-Tots Swim Schools to purchase and pick out a few of these extras while you’re there. We can’t wait to swim with your little ones in 2019!