Swim Lessons

Teaching kids to swim has been the foundation of Aqua-Tots since we began. And today we still take special care to make sure our swim schools are a welcoming, comfortable and inviting place for kids of all ages. Aqua-Tots offers swim classes for babies, toddlers, infants, kids, swim team, adults, and children with special needs at over 30 locations worldwide. With never more than 4 students per swim class, this intimate setting provides a great environment for children learning to swim. Aqua-Tots provides the following Swim services:

  • Small Group Swim Lessons

    Small Group Swim LessonsSafety First, Fun Every Second… is our Aqua-Tots swim school motto! We love our kids and that is why we never over book our small group swimming lessons. Parent will never find more than four children per swim instructor to ensure each child gets the most training and feedback to help make them better swimmers. For over 20-years, we have perfected the art of teaching children and adults to swim safely. Each of the swim levels (Aqua-Tots Levels 1 through 8) have been designed, tested and kid approved to make the difference that counts.  All kid swim levels have 25-28 swimming skills that must be achieved by the student before moving up to the next swim level.  Every swimmer that completes a swim level graduates with a ribbon and swim certificate (a keepsake item for parents and grand parents alike).
    Learn More About Small Group Swim Lessons (pdf)

  • Private Swim Lessons

    Private Swim LessonsWe offer private and semi-private swimming instruction for families who want the one-on-one focus to excel their children’s swimming skills rapidly. These 30-minute private swim classes allow swim instructors to design and mold the swimming class skills around the pace of the student, while challenging their students and motivating them to new levels of swimming.
    Learn More About Private Swim Lessons (pdf)

  • Indoor Pool Parties

    Indoor Pool PartiesWhat a great way to celebrate a special event any time of the year!  Our swim school staff prepares every detail including; invitations, cake, snacks, aquatic games and gift bags. Sit back and enjoy your event and let our staff take care of the details. Contact your nearest Aqua-Tots swim school to secure your event date.
    Learn More About Indoor Pool Parties (pdf)

  • Swim Clubs and Swim Teams

    Swim Clubs and Swim TeamsOur swim club programs are a great way to keep your child’s swimming skills strong while increasing their confidence.   Our swim coaches will help your child swim properly in all four swimming strokes and will provide them with the option to prepare them for swimming competitions. The swim club is designed in a fun, non-competitive format while our swim teams compete against other teams in the region.
    Learn More About Swim Clubs and Swim Teams (pdf)

  • Competitive Training

    Competitive TrainingOur advanced competitive swim training is designed for children and adults who have mastered the 4 swim strokes and are looking to improve efficiency in the water. High School/College athletes and well as Triathletes have succeeded with Aqua-Tots Competitive Swimming Training Programs.
    Learn More About Competitive Training (pdf)

  • Adaptive Aquatics (Special Needs Swim Program)

    Some of our great success stories on our swimmers occur from within our Adaptive Aquatics Program. Water therapy for children with special needs is proving to have dramatic effects on the students, teachers and families. Aqua-Tots swim school is dedicated to helping improve the lives of such children through our SNAP (Special Needs Aquatics Program) and offers swim classes designed specifically for these children. Our adaptive aquatic instructors must pass our training program and are specially chosen to be part of this great swim program.
    Learn More About Adaptive Aquatics (Special Needs Swim Program) (pdf)
    Learn More About Adaptive Aquatics (Special Needs Swim Program) (pdf)