Winter & Water Safety: Keep Your Family Safe

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The holiday season is upon us! While you are gearing up for this special time of year, water safety is probably not one of the items on your mind. We want you to share with you some important information about water safety… even in the winter months!

According to the National Safety Council, the majority of drowning incidents involving young children are due to being left alone in a bathtub or falling into a pool. Those risk factors don’t go away when it’s cold outside; there are even some additional factors to consider with the season with the cold water. For instance, falling into cold water results in cold shock and physical incapacitation, decreasing the chances of surviving.

At Aqua-Tots Swim Schools, our mission is to help prevent drownings by working with the community to provide a standard of excellence in teaching children and adults water safety. We stress the importance of education, prevention, and supervision year-round for your family to help keep them safe!  


  • Knowing the unique risks and hidden dangers in and around your home this winter is the first step to keeping your kids safe. And reading this is a great start!
  • Our parent child swimming lessons emphasize safe water boundaries to parents and their babies and toddlers. Our motto is Safety FIRST, Fun Every Second!
  • Learn CPR in case of emergency.
  • Additionally, any babysitters/caregivers should be informed about water safety, especially if you have a home swimming pool.


  • The home swimming pool is still the biggest risk factor for drowning. Remove any temptations to water, such as toys and floats, or furniture your child could climb on to get to the water. Pool covers often used in the colder months can give a false sense of security, actually trap a child underneath, and make it more difficult to see a child who’s fallen in.
  • Set clear rules about water.  Repeat them frequently.  Have your kids repeat them back to you frequently.
  • Be sure that all gates and points of access to a pool are securely locked.
  • Babies and young children can drown in as little as an inch of water, so empty or remove any buckets, pet dishes and any container that could hold water. Believe it or not, toilets can also be dangerous, so consider a toilet seat lock.
  • Check pet doors because small children can easily crawl through them.  Is there access to water this way?
  • Furthermore, if your child will be visiting a friend or caregiver’s home, do a safety check of the area and ask about their safety rules, especially if they have a pool.


  • We can’t say it enough… supervision is key.
  • Never leave children unattended in the bathtub or near any water, even if just for a minute.
  • Know where your children are. If your child is missing, ALWAYS check the pool first! Make this a habit. Don’t look upstairs, out front, etc., until you have checked the pool FIRST. Every second counts!

Prevention truly is the best medicine, which is why Aqua-Tots is so committed to Making a Difference That Counts. Click the red “Tell a Friend” box below to share this important information with friends and family!

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