Top 5 Tips To Improve Toddler Swim Lessons

Just beyond the baby stage, toddlers are often full of determined independence that seems to come barreling full-force.  Putting them in swim lessons at such an adventurous age may seem overwhelming to think about, but it is in fact a brilliant time to let that independence soar…with the safety and guidance of swim instructors, of course.

Physician assistant, Onyi, is a mom of two and lifestyle blogger entrusting Aqua-Tots Swim Schools with her 2 ½ year old son to teach him safe independence in the water. Learn the top 5 tips to improve toddler swim lessons and more about Onyi’s experience and how far her toddler has come in just a few short months.

As Onyi says, “Getting your child excited for their first swim lessons can be hard at times. Some children naturally love water and others you have to help things along. If you have a child or two and are going to be introducing them to learning to swim you might benefit from these tips.”

At Aqua-Tots, we are committed to teaching children worldwide how to swim and remain safely independent in the water.