The Secret Formula To Swim School Success

We hear it every day: “There’s just something different about Aqua-Tots.”  Whether from enrolled families, instructors, franchise owners or community members, it’s a common statement and one that we take to heart. We know it’s true, but often it’s something that people have to experience to believe.

After all, how does a small, locally-owned swim school operating out of borrowed backyard pools 27+ years ago become the world’s largest swim school franchise with over 90 locations in 14 countries around the world?

The answer is simple. It’s our values.

“Seriously? We thought you had a secret swim formula,” you may be saying. Well, for all intents and purposes, that is our formula. It’s relationships…it’s people…it’s you.

You see, at Aqua-Tots, our core values have defined who we are and how we care for people. We strive to live every day intentionally with these values at the forefront of our relationships. We choose franchise owners who align with our values, we hire instructors and staff members who are able to live into our mission and deliver according to our values in every lesson to every family, to every child, to every co-worker.

We’re passionate about teaching children to swim, yes, but even more so impacting lives. Simply put, Aqua-Tots is about more than swim lessons. It’s about people.

Hear from Co-Founder and President Ron Sciarro as he explains our core values and what makes the Aqua-Tots culture unique.