Swimming – A Lifelong Skill Everyone Must Know

Swim Club

As a parent, enrolling your child in swimming lessons is something you’ll never regret. Learning to swim could keep him/her safe, strong, and healthy throughout his/her entire life. Here are four reasons everyone should learn to swim.

1. Safety
Plain and simple, safety is the number one reason everyone should learn to swim. According to the CDC, drowning is the leading cause of injury death among 1-4 year olds in the U.S., the 2nd leading cause for 5-9 year olds, and in the top 10 for all ages.  Swimming is a basic life skill.  By starting lessons at a young age and sticking with it, the skills will be imprinted, much like riding a bike. At Aqua-Tots Swim Schools, we start teaching babies as young as 4 months old to be safe in and around water in our Parent & Tot classes.

2. Exercise
Swimming is also great exercise.  It’s a full-body workout, using most muscle groups in one activity.  It’s also low-impact, easier on joints, and has much less risk of injury compared to other sports and forms of exercise. You can swim for leisure, exercise, or competition.  It’s a great way to beat the blues and handle stress as well!

3. For All
Everyone should learn to swim because swimming is for everyone. Whether you’re 4 or 74, small or large, or somewhere in between, swimming can be enjoyed by nearly all ages, abilities and sizes.  The buoyancy of the water allows those who might otherwise find exercise painful to enjoy themselves. Even children with special needs can learn safety and swimming skills.  Our SNAP swimming program is designed to provide a beneficial, motivating, and enjoyable experience for children of all ages with special needs.

4. Lifelong Activity
If you want your child to have a longer, healthier and more enjoyable life, he/she should learn to swim. Do you know anyone who avoids going to the beach with friends or canoeing or kayaking because they’re afraid of the water?  Wouldn’t it be so much more fun to be able to confidently jump in the water and enjoy life?  There are so many pastimes and sports that involve water. And, older people who swim regularly age better and enjoy a higher quality of life.  It’s a low- to no-cost activity that can be pursued through the golden years.

For these four reasons and more, Aqua-Tots believes in, and teaches Lessons for Life!  If you’d like to give your child a head start on all the benefits of swimming, find your nearest Aqua-Tots Swim School and enroll today.