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Swim Tips for Summer Vacation

Pull out the suitcases and fill ‘em up — it’s time for summer vacation! Whether you’re loading the family up in the m-van or hoppin’ a flight to the nearest tropical locale, there’s a good chance that water will be on your trip itinerary this summer.

Swim smart this summer with these super swim safety tips.

Something to Talk About

Staying with a friend or family member who has a pool? If so, it’s time for a chat. Little ones are curious — especially when they’re not used to having a pool in the backyard. Set boundaries and important ground rules from the very beginning about when it’s ok to venture out the back door — only with an adult. Additionally, talk to older children about being an extra set of eyes and ears, ensuring that smaller siblings remain safely indoors until it’s time for a swim.

Locate Lifeguards

While visiting a pool, water park or ocean, take a moment to locate the lifeguards with your children. A continual conversation about water safety is always important, and helping them locate those who can help in the event of an emergency teaches them to be proactive about safety in and around the water.

Buddy Up

While children may be ecstatic to hit the water upon arrival at your destination, letting them venture to the pool or water alone (or even with an older sibling) shouldn’t be a part of a carefree vacation. Swimming with a buddy — and always with an attentive adult present — go hand in hand to help ensure a terrific trip.

Depth Check

When splashing into unfamiliar water, even just a hotel pool, it’s important for an adult to check the depth of the water. While children may be familiar with pools near home, they need to know what to expect when venturing into an unfamiliar deep end. For open water, check the area where children will be swimming and playing to ensure that there are not any drop-offs or ledges that are not visible from the edge or shore.

Pause Poolside Posts

You’ve captured the cutest pics of your summer vacay, but poolside posting can wait. Undivided attention should be the number one priority around the water. Share those Instagram-worthy smiles with friends and family when you’re safely back to your room and the tots are tuckered out. After all, soaking in these vacation memories free of distraction is priceless.

At Aqua-Tots Swim Schools, we know that children grow up quickly, and time together is precious. Enjoy a summer full of super swim safety, and treasure each and every magical moment.

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