Swim Strokes by Level

swim student and instructor practicing swim strokes

The Aqua-Tots “Learn to Swim” curriculum is a swim program that teaches students to swim in a progressive manner that maintains a focus on safety and control. Learning swim strokes in an efficient and controlled manner will help lead to safe and sustainable swimming. Each level in the Aqua-Tots 8 level program exposes students to key components and swim strokes that help lead to the skills needed to be able to safely and confidently enjoy swimming all their life.

4 months – 30 months (Levels 1 & 2)

Has parents in the water with the babies starting as young as 4 months. The primary focus is for the infants to experience “No air” in safe submersions so they recognize where air is and so they realize they can NEVER swim by themselves. These levels also focuses on water adjustment and the importance of creating boundaries.

2.5 – 12 Years (Level 3)

Begins building the foundations for strokes by teaching floating on the stomach and back and introducing the Elementary Backstroke and first and easiest survival stroke.

4 years and up (Level 4)

Focuses on correct, controlled breathing as well as flutter kicks incorporated into Freestyle and Backstroke.

4 years and up (Level 5)

Teaches students to do a side breath in freestyle and begins the components of breaststroke.

Based on Swim Ability (Level 6)

Requires students to swim freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke to tempo that involves quick breaths as well as turnover of the arms and legs.

Based on Swim Ability (Level 7)

Introduces students to another survival stroke, side stroke while improving the technique of the other strokes and introducing the components of butterfly.

Based on Swim Ability (Level 8)

Teaches students to swim butterfly as well as incorporate flip turns into their freestyle and backstroke swims.

swim strokes by age and level

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