It’s A Splishy-Splashy Holiday

’Tis the season of classic (some would say sappy) holiday Hallmark movies, and every passionate flick watcher knows these cinematic storylines have a few common elements: a girl, a boy, a love story and a perfectly white Christmas with mountains, pine trees, boots and scarves. While a white Christmas is an American trademark, millions of people around the world celebrate the holidays sans the winter wonderland, enjoying sea, sand and sun instead.

But where does one go to enjoy a beachside holiday where the tots can practice their amazing year-round swimming skills? Here’s a list of five tropical holiday destinations to have you dreaming of Santa’s reindeer pulling a jet ski instead of a sleigh. Start planning your trip for December 2019!



If you’ve ever wanted to combine the holiday season with summer vacation, jot Australia down on your bucket list. Throw some meat on the barbie (that’s Australian for “barbecue”) and hit the beach to build a sandman. Holiday cards from the Land Down Under offer a different kind of festive feel with board shorts, bikinis and maybe even a kangaroo.


Source: Travel and Leisure

If your holiday timeline doesn’t allow for travel across the globe, Hawaii may just be a hop, skip and a plane ride across the Pacific. Whale watching and surfing would make for a unique holiday treat! Wrap up some flip flops and a swimming suit so your tot is stylin’ on the beach as they offer their best Bing Crosby greeting: Mele Kalikimaka!

South Africa


In South Africa, the sun is shining and nature is alive with countless variations of wild flowers blooming in all their glory during the holiday season. Speaking of nature, your most daring family members can spend their holiday cage diving with Great White Sharks* for a particularly unforgettable experience.

*Note: This is not necessarily the best use of swim lessons for the tots, but we wanted to throw it out there in case Dad is a thrill seeker! Your welcome for the gift idea. EEK!


Source: Thrillist

If a swim in the Caribbean Sea or a dip in one of the nearly 7,000 cenotes in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula fits your fancy, book your trip to Mexico ASAP! These underground pools of pristine turquoise water are part of a massive network of rivers and caves. Take your little explorers on a real holiday adventure!


Source: Culture Trip

December 25th is just an ordinary day in Thailand, so some of the world’s most beautiful beaches won’t be very crowded. Video chat with Grandma and Grandpa from a lounge chair and thank your lucky stars that you have a year of reprieve from Great Aunt Lucy arguing with Cousin Chad about politics. After all, Thailand is known as The Land of Smiles and is home to some of the friendliest people on the planet. Happy Holidays, indeed!

The pool isn’t the only place that your little ones can put their hard-earned swimming skills to the test. Water is everywhere, all year long. You may just have to venture on a tropical holiday vacay, for swim lesson practice, of course!

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