Think summer is too far gone to enroll your kids in lessons? Think again!

Think summer is too far gone to enroll your kids in lessons? It’s not too late!

Our Fast Track Program will equip your kids in no time! June is a wrap; welcome July! As summer time flies by, families continue to check off their summer bucket lists, squeezing in each and every memory-making activity. Maybe you’ve planned fun crafts, camps, or theme parks. Maybe you’re going to see cousins and grandparents or taking a big family vacation before the lazy days are gone. Whatever the summer still holds for you, we want to remind you that it’s not too late to teach your children to be safe in and around the water. It is a common misconception that if children are not enrolled and actively engaged in lessons for months ahead of summer, that they’ve missed it.

Aqua-Tots Fast Track Program is designed specifically for such misconceptions. Our Fast Track Program is a scheduled 8-day, 2-week, session-based swim program, accelerating the learning process when time is a factor.

Fast Track is beneficial for a variety of reasons:

  • Builds confidence for children who are anxious or new to swimming
  • Allows practice prior to a vacation
  • Offers necessary skills to families visiting for a short period of time
  • Helps children who are stuck on a skill through focused repetition
  • Provides a skills refresher for students who have not swum for many months
  • Affords a busy family a 2-week session when their schedule is tight
  • Saves Mom’s sanity in the last few weeks of summer

Water safety is certainly a skill valuable throughout life, and it’s never too late to equip children with the skills needed to remain healthy, safe, and strong when a swimming opportunity presents itself!

So if you’re headed out the door for your next great adventure, or just need another idea to keep your active kids busy, contact Aqua-Tots today to reserve a spot in our Fast Track Program.