3 Swim Lesson Benefits for New Parents

Mom and Baby

As a new parent, keeping your child healthy and safe is always top-of-mind, especially when it comes to being safe around water. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that drowning is the fifth leading cause of unintentional injury death in the United States. At Aqua-Tots, we are committed to reducing drownings by teaching water safety to children starting as young as four months old. But infants aren’t the only benefactors of these early lessons; parents also benefit from participating with their infant during swim lessons. See our top three reasons below.

1. Water safety education

Sure, you may know how to swim and be safe around water, but our swim instructors will work with you to understand the why behind our lessons – taking skills learned at Aqua-Tots and how they can be safely applied and practiced at home. Raising a water-safe child requires a good understanding of how to safely introduce and work with your infant in and around water. Our pros will make sure you walk away from our lessons feeling confident in the water with your infant.

2. Bonding with your child

Our parent-tot swim lessons directly involve you and your infant working together alongside one of our highly qualified instructors. Being able to join in as your infant experiences the tactile environment of the water for the first time is a powerful experience. Each and every lesson provides limitless opportunities to strengthen the bond between you and your child as you learn to navigate the basics of water adjustment, safety skills and breath control.

3. Social interaction with other parents and infants

Being a new parent is tough, especially when it comes to socializing and finding time to meet new friends. At Aqua-Tots, we offer group lessons for up to four parents and tots. This is a great time to meet and interact with like-minded parents who share the same nap schedule as you. From time spent in the water at Aqua-Tots to post-lesson playdates, we’ve watched friendships blossom between parents (and kids).

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