3 Benefits of Year-Round Swim Classes

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As the temperature drops, leaves fall, and the amount of sunlight each day dwindles during fall, so do your choices for physical activity.  Many people opt out of swim lessons in the colder months, believing it’s a summer-only activity, but in fact swimming year-round is one of the best things you could do for you and your kids!   It’s great for physical health, mental health, and retaining the skills already learned.

  1. Physical Health

Swimming is one of the top activities for improving and maintaining physical health.  It’s great for increasing flexibility, aerobic endurance, and muscle tone, with much less risk of injury or deterioration of the joints. And while swimming is an effective exercise for any child, it can be particularly helpful for those with asthma – especially when done indoors. The warm, moist air that the swimmer is breathing is unlikely to trigger their asthma.  The breathing techniques used in swimming also lead to increased lung volume, which is extra important for asthmatics.

  1. Mental Health

If gray skies and the winter blues get you down, you should know that swimming, like any cardiovascular exercise, has been shown to be quite effective in reducing anxiety and depression. This is partly attributed to the body’s release of endorphins, which are natural feel-good hormones. Many believe that swimming offers unique benefits beyond the general physiological response; it’s even been compared to yoga because of its repetitive nature and breathing patterns. This only increases the feelings of well-being and contentment after swimming. At Aqua-Tots Swim Schools, we have designed everything to be warm, welcoming, and cheerful to the babies, toddlers, and children taking swim lessons and their parents. The school is brightly lit, the decor is colorful, the water is heated to a comfortable 90 degrees, and the scent and sounds of a tropical vacation surround you. It’s a healthy break for you and your child!

  1. Retention of Skills

Learning how to swim is similar to learning how to play the piano… practice makes perfect! The more frequently you practice, the easier it is to retain skills and progress into more advanced skills.  Conversely, if you take a break from lessons, the longer the break, the longer it usually takes to get back on track where you left off.  Therefore, we strongly recommend staying in year-round lessons to retain and build on life-saving swimming skills.

As you can see, there are many benefits to staying in swim classes year-round! If you would like to sign you and/or your child up for swimming lessons this fall, please contact your nearest Aqua-Tots location. We are happy to serve you and your family!

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  1. Shad Morris Reply

    My sister was telling me that she wants to sign her kids up for swimming lessons this summer, and I was curious about the benefits that it has. I never knew that lessons could actually help with your mental health, and lessen anxiety and depression. It would be nice to get her kids out and have them exercise.

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