Infant Swim Lessons

Mom and Child Swim Lesson

Infant swim classes are very popular among parents and kids and are a good way to teach your baby to enjoy being in the water. Babies are born with a natural affinity for the water. The sooner infants start swim lessons, the quicker they learn and the less likely it is that they will grow afraid of it. Our infant swim classes are designed for infants from ages 6 months through toddlers and will allow you and your infant to take the first steps towards a lifetime of swimming proficiency, together. That’s right….you join your baby in the water for the swim class! Each half hour infant swim lesson is supervised by a specially trained instructor who will lead you through a series of activities and exercises that will be fun and instructive for you and your infant. The weekly infant swim lesson that we observe teaches babies their primary skills of buoyancy, propulsion and breath control. The infant swim class also teaches ┬áparents how to keep their infants and toddlers safe around the water.

And, while learning important skills in the infant swim lesson, your baby is getting to spend quality time with you! In fact some psychologists suggest that the half hour of undivided attention and skin to skin contact that our infant swim classes offer, has many benefits in the parent/infant relationship. Start your baby in an infant swim class now and reap a lifetime of swimming proficiency!

For parents who prefer a more personal infant swim class, they have the option of choosing a private infant swim lesson. This gives your child full attention for 30 minutes.